Fierce Grace Library

A digital library of the Fierce Grace body of work.

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"The resources in the Fierce Grace Library are a treasure trove of gifts, a toolbox for us women to feel into the real ness of our whole and holy selves. Carrie-Anne’s generosity as a teacher, her unwavering commitment to share what works for her, is a kind of radical authenticity that nurtures and inspires her students to step into their own version of Fierce Grace. She reminds us through straight-forward, sincere daily practices of the sacredness in our beautiful, messy, real lives....Thank you, Carrie-Anne, for embodying what it means to be a champion of all sister souls."

- Ruthanna H.

the Fierce Grace library is for the every day woman.

The Fierce Grace library is a digital library filled with an epic body of work by Carrie-Anne Moss from the past 5 years. In it are videos, conversations, worksheets, exercises, recipes, tutorials, meditations, and more. The library is designed to go along with the Fierce Grace Collective book, but it can stand on its own as well.

Fierce Grace is a foundation

With the tools here in the Fierce Grace Library, we hope that you can begin to reconnect and recommit to simple actions that bring you back to seeing what’s right in front of you and what lies within you.

Fierce Grace is a personalized toolkit for presence

No one else has got it figured out. Life is hard and beautiful. Within this Library there are tools, inspiration and rituals so that you can feel into your life. So you can be nourished and be able to take on what needs your attention.

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The Fierce Grace Library includes the following course modules:

  • Rooting In
  • Dance of the Poet
  • Temple Body
  • Beauty Emerge
  • Alchemy Speaks
  • In Her Light
  • Wonder Woman
  • Venus + Gold
  • Holding Home
  • Radiance Awaken
  • By the Fire
  • I Am

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Course Curriculum

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  Full Moon Painting Tutorial
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  Tuning In
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Your Instructor

Carrie-Anne Moss
Carrie-Anne Moss

Mother and wife above all else, Carrie-Anne Moss is an actress, teacher, seeker, and storyteller. Her deep calling to connect with women led her to create her website, Annapurna Living, as a platform and portal for growth and nourishment. Now, with a community of women all over the world, Carrie-Anne teaches online courses designed to help women and mothers find their voice and to step into their grace.

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