An Introduction to Meditation

I have been studying Kundalini yoga for over 20 years. A few years ago I completed a Kundalini yoga teacher training, which allowed me to go even deeper with my practice and to truly embody the benefits of Kundalini yoga. Creating a real discipline has been a gift for me. Meditation is a tool for clearing the mind, and as many of you know, meditation can be intimidating or exceedingly difficult. The process of clearing a cluttered mind is no joke. Kundalini yoga has transformed me in major ways, and meditation is no exception. Part of the Kundalini practice is to practice meditation with mantra, a string of words that will help clear the mind. Practicing a mantra can be a powerful tool to make meditation easier. Rather than trying to turn your full mind to empty, you can focus instead on the mantra, which will allow all else to fall away.

I strive for a sincere yoga practice rather than a perfect one.

A daily practice is like putting daily deposits in a spiritual bank account. Or if it’s not a daily practice, maybe it’s a weekly practice, or a bi-weekly practice. Either way, it’s adding to your sum total in the account. Every moment you invest in yourself matters.

To get you started in this course, I'm posting here a little introductory meditation that you can do any time. Watching these two videos will help you get familiar with the practice and with what we are doing. And then, each month, I'll give you a new meditation to try out. You can always do the new one, or if an older one is feeling really good for you, listen to that and do what feels good.

A few women have said that watching this Intro video (below) has been really helpful to them. Please note that this meditation is *in addition* to the monthly meditation that I provide each month in the Inner Circle. But if you are a newcomer to Kundalini Yoga, I think this one will be a helpful addition for you.

Enjoy. Xxxx

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