Annapurna Living Inner Circle

Monthly Messages + Meditations from Carrie-Anne Moss

Inner Circle is an invitation for nourishment, connection, evolution, and commitment.

From Carrie-Anne:

From Carrie-Anne:

Inner Circle is a self-care collective for women. In it we align with the moon cycles, build community, learn and practice meditation, and gather tools and ideas for nourishment and self-care. It is vitally important for us to be gentle, to cultivate softness, and to find magic in the many mundane moments that make up our days and our lives.

The Annapurna Living Inner Circle includes:

  • Extended audio conversation on the first day of each month: similar to a podcast, I will record an audio conversation and you will be able to download it.
  • An audio visualization to soothe and nourish: It’s come to my attention that we need so much soothing right now.
  • Moon notes: I will post an additional audio revelation on the full or new moon to keep us all tuned into the cycles.
  • Monday musings: weekly emails will be sent out with kind thoughts and occasional living prompts for those who enjoy weekly engagement.
  • Live monthly video Q&A: I will host a live 30 minute broadcast each month to connect with all the women in the Inner Circle.
  • Guided meditation option: a downloadable meditation video will be included for anyone who wants to incorporate meditation into their self-care practice.
  • Community: the Inner Circle will continue to include a comment forum for discussion and connection as well as a private Facebook group for women who wish to join.

For $24 a month you’ll receive access to these Annapurna Living Inner Circle monthly exclusives and the Facebook group. You can cancel at any time.

Once you join, you will receive a confirmation email and you can login to find the link to our private Facebook group.


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"I love the simplicity Carrie Anne Moss is bringing to the Inner Circle. Simple is good and exactly what I need in this chapter of raising two teens and one tween as I enter my 5th decade of life! I like to go slowly and allow these new learnings and experiences to stir and settle. This feels like a bit of bliss already. So happy to be part of this circle."
—Tami K.
"I wanted to say thank you to Carrie-Anne and her team of experts for putting together this new opportunity for us. It is clear to me that it is no accident that these meditations have come at just the right time not only in our nation's history, but for humanity at large. I appreciate the perspective that Carrie-Anne's meditation courses give me, and the power that the peace within me can have over those around me, as I have witnessed several times over this past year. This has been particularly evident in my classroom of 6 and 7 year olds, who have quite enjoyed doing yoga and mindfulness activities within our school day. Believe me, this is not something you see everyday in Eastern Pennsylvania!"

—Robin D.

"I have felt such an ease and stillness with doing meditation this month. That's one thing I really wanted to work on becoming better at and making it a daily practice in my life. Thank you Carrie-Anne! I've simplified my priorities and made sure to nourish those before I take on anything else. Filling my well has become the number one priority. I no longer try to please everyone and do everything. I've learned to let go and to focus. I know that the only way I can truly strengthen those around me is when I'm fully taken care of physically, emotionally and mentally. This understanding and clarity has changed my perspective, my life and myself. I love seeing all the growth within each of you glorious women as well. Keep sharing!"

—Lauri S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
This is a monthly membership that is ongoing unless you choose to cancel. On the 1st of each month, an audio file and a meditation video from Carrie-Anne will be posted. You may download these files and build your own library.
What to I get by signing up?
You get access each month to an exclusive audio message and meditation video from Carrie-Anne. You also gain access to our private Facebook group where you can interface with members and with Carrie-Anne Moss.
Where do I find the Facebook Group?
Once you enroll, the link to join the Facebook group will be revealed inside the Inner Circle classroom.
I still have questions.
You can email our team any time at