A Guide To Navigating These Changing Times with Guru Singh + Carrie-Anne Moss

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I have had the honor of knowing Guru Singh, my beloved teacher, for over 20 years. During my time studying Kundalini yoga and meditation with him I embarked on a majestic journey from a student to a teacher; His patient and persistent guidance gave me flight with my own wings. The biggest gift I received is the self-love, self-acceptance and power of presence these teachings have awakened within my being.

In our first course together, “Waking Up In Every Moment: A Guide To Navigating These Changing Times,” Guru Singh and I offer a simple and highly effective toolbox for harnessing your personal poise, presence and power in any moment of need. I invite you to join our heartfelt conversation, reflection, and demonstration of the tools and techniques that we have come to love and live by. In Waking Up In Every Moment: A Guide To Navigating These Changing Times you will explore and learn:

  • Our go-to tools, based in Kundalini yoga and meditation, that activate your conscious awareness and presence
  • How to leverage your attitudes and abilities to construct positive change in challenging times
  • Suggestions and examples for developing and expanding your personal daily practice

Your Instructor

Carrie-Anne Moss
Carrie-Anne Moss

Mother and wife above all else, Carrie-Anne Moss is an actress, teacher, seeker, and storyteller. Her deep calling to connect with women led her to create her website, Annapurna Living, as a platform and portal for growth and nourishment. Now, with a community of women all over the world, Carrie-Anne teaches online courses designed to help women and mothers find their voice and to step into their grace.

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